ESBN EGM on Bathymetric Crowdsourcing for Resilient & Sustainable Development

Bathymetric Crowdsourcing for Resilient and Sustainable Development: Virtual Expert Group Meeting

4 November 2021, 08:00 - 10:00

This Expert group meeting will call upon the maritime sector to join in a bathymetric mapping crowd sourcing project to advance mapping of the ocean floor in the ASEAN region. Accurate and high-resolution bathymetric maps are essential for simulations of tsunami wave inundation along beaches. Further, bathymetric maps contain information on the depths of landforms below sea level and can support the conservation of our oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. As all ships are equipped with equipment to conduct bathymetric mapping, it was agreed to call upon ships that are part of the project as well as other new companies to join the initiative.

Seabed 2030 Project Director, Jamie-Michael-Phillips will be delivering the welcome speech at this event.