Bedrock Ocean Exploration

Bedrock Ocean Exploration is a United States-based public benefit corporation, a venture-backed technology company developing a scalable, lower-cost system for nearshore, shallow-water hydrographic, geophysical and unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys of the ocean floor. They are also developing a cloud-native seafloor data management platform to make it easier to transport, access and use seafloor data throughout its lifecycle.

Bedrock is working to map the entirety of the seafloor in high resolution, building a comprehensive understanding of the seafloor environment - something humanity desperately needs. They plan to make a medium-resolution version free and publicly available in their cloud environment to advance science and transparency in Earth's most critical ecosystem. You can read more about why the company was started here.

By working collaboratively, the partnership between Seabed 2030 and Bedrock can aid both parties in achieving their goals of advancing our understanding of ocean bathymetry and complementing the Decade of Ocean Science in support of sustainable development.