Shallow waters represent the most crucial aquatic zones on Earth and are difficult to survey. Therefore, The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project has reached a cooperation agreement with EOMAP, a leading provider of shallow water bathymetry from satellite data. The common target is a freely available Ocean Map.

EOMAP develops and generates tools and data to map and monitor shallow waters and aquatic ecosystems with satellite data analytics. Its mission is to develop and apply high quality satellite-derived methods and data to precisely map and monitor the aquatic environment and thus, contribute to an effective management and understanding on this crucial environment.

EOMAP will be supporting Seabed 2030 by using their expertise to help map the coastal areas of the ocean, which can be very complex. As well as filling data gaps in shallow waters, EOMAP will also be encouraging other clients and stakeholders to join the global Seabed 2030 initiative.