Kiribati Ministry of Information, Communications and Transport (MICT)


The Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Information, Communications and Transport (MICT) for the Republic of Kiribati. 

The new partnership will see the two parties work together as part of the global effort to advance the field of ocean science, and obtain a complete map of the entire ocean floor. 

The Republic of Kiribati’s MICT ensures maritime safety as well as promoting economic prosperity through the development of sustainable infrastructure. The agency has several divisions, including a Marine Division which regulates procedures for Kiribati’s seafarers and fishers through training schemes offered at the Marine Training Centre. As an island country located in Oceania, the department also works to maintain the country’s position in the global maritime market. 

MICT will be supporting Seabed 2030 by engaging with the wider South Pacific community to both inform people about the project's mission and to encourage bathymetric data collection.