PGS is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in thirteen countries around the world. The company's active fleet remains the youngest in the seismic industry and consists of eight 3D vessels (six in the low season), including the ultra-high capacity Ramforms (both Titan-class and S-class), the 4D specialist Ramform Vanguard, and modern, efficient conventional-hulled ships on charter.

In March 2017, PGS launched an initiative to release surplus environmental data from ocean surveys and activities for research on ocean development. PGS recognizes the part that collecting bathymetric data plays in improving our collective understanding and knowledge of the oceanic environment.

PGS supports Seabed 2030 by:

  • Recording bathymetric survey data using its global fleet;
  • Providing bathymetric survey data from seabed mapping and other relevant cruises;
  • Promoting the Seabed 2030 vision.