REV Ocean

REV Ocean is a not-for-profit company created with one overarching purpose and ambition: To make the ocean healthy again. The company was established July 20th, 2017.

REV Ocean is a game-changing initiative that has an ambitious yet simple goal – to ensure ‘One Healthy Ocean’. The ocean is a dynamic, interconnected global ecosystem that can recover if the negative pressures currently affecting the oceans are dealt with effectively. To do that, we need to improve our understanding of the ocean, get key stakeholders – decision-makers, researchers, business and civil society – aligned with that understanding and turn that knowledge into concrete solutions.

REV Ocean will support Seabed 2030 by:

  • Informing and sharing the REV Ocean vision;
  • Contributing bathymetric data;
  • Sharing and promoting methods and best practices in technological innovation, infrastructure, and solutions for ocean mapping and bathymetric data management challenges.