Jamie McMichael-Phillips interviewed for 'Saving Oceans with Science' podcast

26 February 2021
Engineering Matters podcast

Seabed 2030 Project Director Jamie McMichael-Phillips has been interviewed for the latest episode of the Engineering Matters podcast, 'Saving Oceans with Science.' 

Engineering Matters collaborated with Seabed 2030 partner Fugro to produce this engaging episode, which explores why there is a global effort underway not only to map the entire sea floor, but to derive as much data as possible about the world’s oceans as we enter the UN Decade of Ocean Science. 

The discussion also explores how data acquisition and new technology can turn the tide from mapping the seabed to understanding ecosystems and locating missing aircraft. David Millar, GEBCO Guiding Committee member and Geomatics Engineer and Director for Government Accounts Americas at Fugro, adds some interesting insight based on his extensive experience of mapping the ocean floor.

Listen to the podcast here.