Mapping the Seafloor around Africa - webinar series

31 March 2021

IOCAFRICA - Seabed 2030 webinar series - February 2021

In February 2021 a two-part webinar series: ‘Mapping the Seafloor around Africa’ was organized by the IOC-UNESCO Sub-Commission for Africa and the Adjacent Island States (IOCAFRICA) and the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project’s Atlantic and Indian Oceans Regional Center.

The webinars brought together stakeholders from the region to discuss the status of bathymetric mapping in the area and the goal of bringing together the community to explore the challenges and opportunities in seafloor mapping around Africa.

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Session1: ‘Status of Seafloor Mapping in Africa’, focused on the current status of seafloor mapping around Africa; introducing the 2030 Project, and reviewing data currently included in the GEBCO grid for the area.

Session2:  ‘Achieving Comprehensive Seafloor Mapping in Africa by 2030’, aimed to identify means to develop strategies and priorities for actively engaging stakeholders to help reach the common goal of comprehensive seafloor mapping in Africa by 2030.