Ocean Frontier Mapping (OFM) proposals

Seabed 2030 - Ocean Frontier Mapping (OFM)

Ocean Frontiers are referred to these areas are not typically transited by marine traffic and by the year 2030, they will remain unmapped if we do not actively take measures to ensure they are mapped. Nowhere will the challenge to achieve the goal of complete mapping of the ocean seafloor by 2030 be greater than in these remote “Ocean Frontiers.”

We welcome proposals to address the mapping of Ocean Frontiers. There is limited funding available to support proposals under OFM. Proposals shall address at least one of the criteria as stated below:

  • Funding for incremental vessel days for missions to “Frontier Regions”
  • Funding for multibeam operators on cruises where no bathymetry would be collected without
  • Funding for incremental days to test “Frontier Technologies”

*In all cases, only the mapping for unmapped seafloor can be considered.

The eligibility for applying for grant is for the following entities:

  • Research Institutions
  • Academia
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Philanthropists
  • Industry (Exceptional case – specific circumstances)

Please follow the link below to submit a proposal to be considered for funding.