How can Industry help?

Find out about our existing Partners

Share information about existing data

  • Understanding the spatial extent of existing data, even if it cannot yet be shared, is critical so our global network of partners can optimize the use of sea-going assets to efficiently map the gaps.

Acquire transit/Passage data

  • Transit or passage data can fill critical gaps in coverage. If we could harness the mapping capabilities of all vessels globally, we can meet our objectives more quickly.

Share existing data

  • With so little of the ocean mapped, any existing data can help complete the map. The GEBCO global map already combines data from a variety of sources and instruments (eg: single beam, multibeam, ENCs, seismically derived data, satellite altimetry, LIDAR, etc). Regardless of what instrument was used, spatial resolution, age or format – your data can help!
  • Data contributions to the IHO Data Center for Digital Bathymetry public data archive are strongly encouraged. Please contact them for more information.
  • If data cannot be contributed to the DCDB for proprietary reasons, you may still be able to contribute a variant of them to the GEBCO map. Please contact the for more information.
  • find out how to contribute data.

Capacity Building

  • Our initiative is inherently dependent on collaboration and cooperation at all scales and across all sectors.
  • Telling your clients and colleagues about Seabed 2030 and its importance will help raise awareness which is critical for our movement to gain momentum.
  • Work with us to coordinate events that will help promote the project within your industry sector or network.

What does Industry have to gain?

Access to Data

  • The GEBCO Global Map is freely available to all. It will provide access to a larger, higher resolution GEBCO bathymetric dataset to support your company’s future business interests and activities.

New collaborations and partnerships

  • Through the growing network of stakeholders contributing to our effort.

Technology Innovation

  • New methods for optimizing data acquisition.
  • New approaches for data processing.
  • Enhanced tools for data visualization, access and dissemination.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

  • An opportunity to demonstrate to your clients, peers, stakeholders and shareholders your contribution to an important global initiative that supports the sustainable development of our oceans.

Help guide the development of a roadmap

  • To engage more industry partners.

Potential incentives

  • In some jurisdictions, tax benefits from charitable contributions of bathymetric data may be recognized.

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