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"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." Ryunosuke Satoro

Our mission is as vast and diverse as the ocean itself, and there is a role for everyone who wants to contribute. Whether you are a professional in the private sector, an industry specialist, a government official, a researcher, a member of a non-governmental organisation, or an individual with a boat and a sense of adventure, you can contribute data and help innovate.


Help to unleash the power of the Blue Economy by contributing hidden data and raising awareness of the vital importance of seabed mapping.

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Supercharge your ESG commitments by contributing essential bathymetric data.

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Support a key UN Ocean Decade action by contributing your data and sharing your insights on the intrinsic value of seabed mapping.

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Become an ocean champion by adding your data to the global map and helping to recruit more people to gather data.

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Advocate for ocean floor mapping as a reference framework to support your activities in conservation and safeguarding our planet.

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Contribute to ocean mapping efforts by supporting expeditions and technological innovation.

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The Collective Effort of Ocean Mapping

The task of mapping the world's ocean is monumental, yet incredibly vital. It’s a mission that demands the collaboration, ingenuity, and dedication of a global community.

The power of unity is indispensable, as each data point collected, each area explored, each contribution, brings us closer to delivering a complete seabed map that will support others in their work towards a sustainable and healthy ocean.

We all have a role to play in this vast endeavour. Whether you are a scientist contributing vital bathymetric data, an industry professional developing innovative marine technologies, or a passionate individual with an interest in citizen science.

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