Help us identify existing data, acquire transit data and make major progress with technological innovation in support of ocean mapping.

Industry professionals and organisations stand at the forefront of innovation and progress, making you invaluable allies in our mission.

Advance Scientific Knowledge

Analysis by the scientific community of the data you contribute could improve hurricane forecasting, and enable vital assessments of marine life and ecosystems.

Create a Sustainable Future

By contributing data and raising awareness of a project you will be supporting a flagship programme of UN Ocean Decade, which is aimed at preserving the ocean for future generations.

Accelerate Innovation

Collaborating with a fast-growing network of industry contributors will help to identify ways to further accelerate innovation in bathymetric data collection and analysis.


The emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has put data at the heart of business success like never before.

The involvement of industry and professionals is instrumental to the success of Seabed 2030. By sharing existing bathymetric data and supporting new data collection initiatives, industries can significantly advance our understanding of the ocean floor. Moreover, organisations can harness their innovative capabilities to develop advanced mapping technologies, enhancing the quality and speed of data acquisition.

Share and Support Data Collection

With so much of the ocean still to be mapped, any existing data submission can make a significant difference.

Build your networks

Join the fast-growing network of stakeholders contributing to our effort and supporting the UN Ocean Decade.

Technological innovation

Play a part in creating, and benefit from, new tools and approaches for data processing and visualisation.

Our Partners

Our Partners


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