Credit: Fugro

United in Exploration: Our Partners in Mapping the Unknown

Seabed 2030 is not just an ambitious project—it’s a global call to action that thrives on the power of partnerships. We pursue collaborations, striving to integrate all existing data into the comprehensive GEBCO map, and to pinpoint areas yet untouched for future explorations.

Today, our initiative is bolstered by over 200 partners, data contributors, and supporters from across 50 countries. Each partnership brings us closer to our goal, enriching our mission with diverse knowledge, resources, data and perspectives.

However, our quest for knowledge is ongoing, and the ocean’s depths still hold many secrets. We encourage everyone—private sector enterprises, industries, governments, NGOs, research institutes, and civil society—to join us in this global effort. Your contribution could be the key to unlocking the next big discovery.


Your help will make it Mission Possible. Everyone with a link to the ocean can play a powerful role in helping to map the entire seafloor by the end of the decade. Discover how you can make a difference.

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