Researchers are the heart of our mission at Seabed 2030. Your expertise, curiosity, and innovative thinking are vital for the exploration and understanding of our planet's final frontier - the seabed.

Involvement in this project provides an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to a scientific effort of global significance. The data gathered through comprehensive seabed mapping can greatly enrich your research, offering new insights into oceanography, marine biology, geology, and climate science. This rich dataset can open new avenues for exploration and discovery, supporting a wide range of studies, from investigating climate change impacts and sea level rise to understanding deep-sea biodiversity and geological processes.

Expert Knowledge and Innovative Thinking

Researchers are the backbone of Seabed 2030, bringing invaluable expertise and innovative approaches to the task of comprehensively mapping the seabed.

Enriching the Dataset

The diverse fields of study represented by researchers and scientists can greatly enrich the collected bathymetric data, offering varied perspectives and insights into oceanography, marine biology, geology, and climate science.

Driving Discovery and Understanding

Researchers play a critical role in interpreting the data, uncovering new knowledge about our ocean, and driving forward our understanding of the marine world and its impact on our planet.


By contributing your existing bathymetric data and assisting in new data collection initiatives, you help expand the breadth and depth of our knowledge about the ocean floor.

Your involvement with Seabed 2030 is not just about mapping the ocean; it’s about enhancing your discovery of the hidden depths of our planet and illuminating our path towards a sustainable future.

Share and Gather Data

Researchers and scientists can contribute by sharing their existing bathymetric data, at a resolution of their choice, and aiding in the collection of new data, thus expanding the scope of our knowledge about the ocean floor.

Research Collaborations

Forming collaborations can pool expertise and resources to explore uncharted ocean territories and contribute to the comprehensive mapping of the world's seabed.

Join the Discussion

Researchers can actively engage in discussions, attend events, and consider incorporating the latest GEBCO data into their papers.


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