As philanthropists, you have a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact that will help support our understanding and preservation of the world's ocean.

Seabed mapping is an ambitious but necessary endeavour to help unlock the mysteries of the uncharted ocean floors, a pursuit that requires substantial resources. This information is not only key to scientific discovery, but also to a host of applications that touch all aspects of society and life on Earth. By investing in seabed mapping activities and technologies, you’re helping to build the reference framework for humanity to make informed decisions about ocean sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, and more.

Support Essential Research

Despite the importance of seabed mapping, lack of sufficient support remains a major challenge. Philanthropists can help expedite the crucial support needed to expedite data collection, processing, and mapping activities.

Promote Public Awareness

Philanthropists can use their platforms to amplify the importance of seabed mapping and encourage more individuals, organisations, and governments to participate in or support the mission.

Sustain Long-term Objectives

The goal of creating a comprehensive map of the world's seabed by 2030 requires long-term commitment and resources. Philanthropic support can ensure the project's continuity and momentum, even in the face of fluctuating economic conditions or shifting political landscapes.


As philanthropists, you can help the transformation of the Seabed 2030 project from a scientific ambition to a global reality.

Your support can directly enable advanced research and expedite data collection, thus fueling faster progress in our understanding of the ocean.

Provide Essential Support

You can directly contribute to the mission by supporting data collection, processing, and mapping activities. Your generosity will accelerate the pace of seabed exploration and mapping.

Leverage Influence for Awareness

Use your societal influence to help spread the word about our project and its importance. Amplifying the need for seabed mapping can encourage more individuals, organisations, and governments to participate in our mission.

Commit to Long-term Support

Your continued commitment to the Seabed 2030 project can ensure its success through the decade. Long-term support can provide the stability we need to continuously drive towards our goal amidst shifting conditions and challenges.


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