Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) bring a unique, invaluable perspective to our mission.

From your extensive fieldwork experience, network of influence, to your passion for environmental preservation, your involvement can enhance the success of Seabed 2030.

Data Sharing

NGOs often undertake extensive fieldwork and gather valuable data. Bathymetric data, when shared and incorporated into our project, can significantly enhance the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the global seabed map.

Public Outreach and Education

NGOs have influential networks and platforms for public outreach. Their role in disseminating information and promoting the importance of seabed mapping can foster wider understanding and support for our mission.

Research Collaborations

Forming collaborations will pool expertise and resources to explore uncharted ocean territories and contribute to the comprehensive mapping of the world's seabed.


NGOs can provide essential assistance in a myriad of ways.

Through sharing of field-gathered bathymetric data, NGOs can help improve the breadth and depth of our ocean understanding. By advocating for the importance of seabed mapping data, NGOs can help raise public awareness, mobilising more governments and industries to support our mission. Additionally, NGOs can use the GEBCO Grid to bolster their own advocacy efforts, championing data-driven policies for sustainable marine management.

Share Crucial Data

NGOs, especially those engaged in marine conservation and research, can provide valuable bathymetry from their fieldwork to enhance the completeness and accuracy of the global seabed map.

Spread the Word

NGOs have the power to amplify our mission through their networks, boosting public understanding and interest in seabed mapping and its importance for the future of our ocean.

Utilise the Map

Equipped with the data from GEBCO's comprehensive seabed map, NGOs can craft compelling, data-driven arguments to influence policy changes and promote sustainable marine management strategies.


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