Why We Need Your Help

Government bodies play a critical role in the successful realisation of Seabed 2030’s vision.

Hundreds of bathymetric data sets are held by national governments. Find out how you can identify and contribute existing data holdings, even at a thinned level, to support this collective undertaking for the benefit of humanity.

Unlocking existing data

We estimate that around a fifth of the Earth's ocean map is locked away in archives. Unlocking your existing data will accelerate ocean mapping in support of the Blue Economy.

A sustainable future

Make a commitment to the full mapping of the world’s ocean to support a safe, secure, and thriving ocean, whilst growing your offshore renewable energy capabilities.

Support a Blue Economy

Seabed mapping is vital for the security, safety and economic health of nation states. The Blue Economy is valued at $1.5 trillion a year and creates the equivalent of 31 million full-time jobs.


Governments can play an integral role in advancing our understanding of the ocean's depths.

Hundreds of bathymetric data sets are held by national governments. We need you to help identify these and contribute existing data holdings to support this collective undertaking.

Unlock Archived Data

A considerable portion of the Earth's ocean map is believed to be tucked away in various archives. You can unearth and submit these valuable archived data for the benefit of our shared global mission.

Fund and Facilitate Research

Governments can allocate resources and create conducive environments for ocean mapping initiatives, thus playing a pivotal role in accelerating the pace of Seabed 2030's mission.

Amplify Our Mission

Each ocean sector, and indeed every citizen, can play a role in achieving Seabed 2030's goals. You can aid in rallying more individuals and organisations to contribute data and innovation.


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